The Beadboard Cottage Mantel

IMG_1433So last night I finished decorating my Christmas mantel. I left the mercury glass candlesticks up, but replaced the blue candles with red ones. I like the battery operated candles that you can buy now. I got these at Target; they have a nice cinnamon scent. Then I added some foil Santas. I love chocolate, so it’s a good thing there’s no real chocolate wrapped in them or there would only be  a ball of foil on the mantel by Christmas time.


Christmas mantle

Next I used three small eye hooks to hang the garland. It’s artificial, but I stick some real green in there to give it a fuller look, and because nothing smells as good as fresh-cut greens.  I cut my ribbon into small sections and tucked it in; I find it easier than weaving a long piece in.


Here’s a picture of the little glass Santa ornaments I hooked on the garland.

Garland on mantel

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

The Lettered Cottage  

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