Mercury Glass Christmas Vignette

Christmas vignettes…those items that just make you happy. Here are some vignettes from my house.

Mercury glass Christmas

Mercury glass vignette in entry.

Mercury Glass

Mercury Glass

Mercury glass tree

The clear apothecary jar is filled with glass ornaments and beaded garland. Gotta have some jewels!

Belsnickle santa

Paper Mache Belsnickle and mercury glass lamp.

Large Belsnickle Santa

Apples, poinsettias, and belsnickle. The stitchery above has Christmas stockings.

Foil Santas and mercury glass

Foil Santas and mercury glass on mantel.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

Click here to see The Beadboard Cottage decorated for the holidays.

If you wish to see more vignettes stop by Southern Hospitality.

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2 thoughts on “Mercury Glass Christmas Vignette

  1. Your vignettes are very pretty, I never enjoyed decorating vignettes until recently. I never felt that I was good at pulling vignettes together. but I forged ahead, and now I actually enjoy creating them. Thanks for letting me know you liked my Natural Christmas Cone Tree, turned out to be easy. Congrats on your new blog.

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