Beadboard Bathroom Remodel

Our bathroom is quite small, the footprint is about 9 x 5 feet. When we bought the house there were seafoam green plastic tiles on the walls. We lived with them for a while, and then I sanded the plastic tiles and painted them a neutral cream. I also sponged on a bit of white to give the paint some variation in hopes it would look more like ceramic. Then I sealed the paint with clear poly. This held up really well, so we kept it for several years.

Then I saw a show on HGTV with a beadboard bathroom. We have beadboard in the kitchen, but I was concerned about the moisture in the bathroom. However, we decided to give it a shot.

John and I spent a whole weekend removing the plastic tiles. They popped off real easy. However, the glue was another matter. We had to use a solvent to remove it. Did I mention there is no window in this little bathroom and that we did it on a day that the house temperature was near 80 degrees? Yep! Not sure whose bright idea this was. Okay, it was mine.

Here is a picture of the walls with the tiles and glue removed. We also had to remove the vanity to get to the tiles behind it.

Then we bought two 4′ x 8′ sheets of beadboard panels and cut them into 4′ x 4′ pieces. These panels were a little rough, so we sanded them, spackled a few spots, sanded again, then primed. We finished them with two coats of latex paint.

Since we had already removed the sink, we decided to go all out and buy not only a new vanity, but a toilet. The vanity was on sale, as was the toilet. I think we paid about $350 for both. We paid another $100 for the faucet. My parents bought us a new medicine cabinet. Thanks Mom and Dad!

We also decided since the room was empty it was time to update the floor. After installing the new floor we used 1 x 4 pvc boards as the base. We’d had problems with the baseboard near the tub getting wet, so this seemed like a good solution. We also used the same 1 x 4’s right where the wood beadboard meets the tub surround.

Here’s a picture of the bathroom now with the beadboard. It’s still small, but the white beadboard makes it look a little larger. Or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking!

Beadboard bathroom

Beadboard bathroom

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