Our Pond Project

This summer we replaced our fish pond with a larger pond.  It all started when John called me from Lowes to tell me he’d just seen a 275 gallon preformed pond at a reasonable price.

Like usual, we already had several uncompleted projects going on, but since it’s usually me dragging John into a project, and him reluctantly agreeing, I said, “Sounds good to me.” 

This is a picture of the old 100 gallon pond. The water is circulated from the pond to a small waterfall.

Two days after purchasing the new pond, we cleared the stones from where we needed to dig, housed our fish in an extra large blue storage container, and removed the water from the old pond.

He’s a picture of John digging the old pond out, another of our dog Tia supervising, and one of me trying to even out the bottom of the new hole.

     I will admit that this project didn’t run as smoothly as we would have liked. We hit lots of roots and were at a loss where to put all the dirt. We still have a pile of dirt behind our garage.

     However, the hardest part of this project was getting the pond level. We had to take it out several times and adjust the height of the ledges and the bottom. However, when we finished, we were pleased. Here is a picture of the completed project and our happy fish. 


6 thoughts on “Our Pond Project

    • Thanks for stopping by, Andrew. The plant with the purple flowers is a water hyacinths. They seem to multiply overnight. We started with three plants.

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