Holiday House Tour

I’m so excited! The Beadboard Cottage is hosting its first Holiday House Tour. No bundling up required because this tour is all virtual. Hope you’ll join us! Click on the picture below to enter the second house on our tour.

The Beadboard Cottage Winter


The Beadboard Cottage Christmas Mantel
Christmas mantel


Beadboard Cottage pictureimageWelcome to The Beadboard Cottage!

Our 70 year-old-house is always evolving. My husband, John, and I enjoy DIY projects… well, I enjoy them, John just humors me.

The Beadboard Cottage was originally built with only three rooms – a large living room, a tiny kitchen, and one small bedroom. There’s also an itsy-bitsy bathroom. Through the years the little house grew. Some of the additions, such as a second bedroom and a carport, were added before we purchased the house.

 We converted the carport into a family/dining area, and a few years ago we added another bedroom. We’ll be posting our adventures and misadventures on this blog. We hope you’ll stop by and join us on our journey.

Bette and John

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